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At Montridge Insurance Services, we are more than insurance brokers- we are true consultants who work with your needs in mind and NOT the needs of the insurance companies.

We are a full-service brokerage firm with clients located throughout the United States. Our goal is to get you the right insurance for you at a price that fits within your budget.

Our company works with CPAs and tax attorneys. These unique relationships allow us to provide relevant information as well as proactively offer services that many of our clients may not even be aware of. Our CPA team-based business model works similarly to a family office.

Our Unique Process
As with most things in life, there is no “one size fits all” approach to insurance. At MontRidge Insurance Services, we zero in on your needs and what is important to you. We then craft a strategy that factors in your objectives and requirements.

Our process involves the following steps:

1.  Initial Consultation – During your first consultation with us, we will learn about what is important to you and your family. We will also pore over your current financials and ask you these two questions: What is this money for, and what do you want your money to do for you?

2.  Institute and Formulate the Plan – After reviewing your financial X-ray, we will make an objective assessment of your current situation. This involves research and analysis of your current portfolio. Our advisory team will then formulate a Capital Preservation Plan based on your goals and objectives.

3.  Plan Review – We will educate you on the recommended financial and savings vehicles as well as show you how to implement the strategy. Afterward, we will make any necessary changes.

4.  Plan Implementation – When you become a client of our firm, we will review and make changes to the strategy on an ongoing basis. You will not be forgotten.


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